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Dr Danny Lai, DC, LAc.

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My 83 year old nana was having serious pain in her sciatic nerve. When I say serious pain, I mean she couldn't walk or do any housework. She fell three times because she couldn't gain her balance. She went to the doctors but all they prescribed were pain killers that only sometimes worked and really only masked the pain. After two weeks of getting no relief from the doctors, I drove her to Lai and after only one visit she felt tremendously better. By the way, my nana was terrified to go here and didn't believe Lai could do anything for her. Lai made her feel very comfortable and now, about a month or two later, she has made a full recovery.

Reyna I

Low Back Pain

Very nice office and an even nicer man and staff. It smells wonderful in there! Dr. Lai was very sincere and has a very kind disposition and a great sense of humor. I went in for a chiropractic session for lower back pain and he fixed me right up using chiropractic techniques and skillful acupressure. I went from feeling great pain to nearly no pain at all in just one session. It was very easy to make an appointment, there was no hard sell, I am very satisfied and am looking forward to my next appointment.

Christina G