In addition, there are more than 2000 studies and clinical trials that show the effectiveness of PEMF treatment for a wide range of conditions available at:

has approved the use of PEMF therapy for various conditions, including:

*Athletes, rapid recovery

* High Blood Pressuer

* Diabetic Foot

* Varicose Veins

* Arrhythmias

* Female Infertility

* Fibroids

* Arthritis

PEMF - Pulsed Energy Magnetic Field therapy


* Facial Paralysis

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Parkinson's Disease

* Fibroids

* Cancer

* Post-Surgical Healing

​* Accelerate Wound Healing

* Bone Growth Stimulation

* Anxiety and Depression

* Urinary Incontinence

* Brain Tumor

* Anti-Aging

* Detoxify the Body

* Stress

​* Nerve Regeneration

​* Depression

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PEMF accelerates healing.  It accomplishes this by stimulating the body to regenerate its cell and modulate their function to speed up its natural process of recovery.  As a result, this therapy reduces recovery time by as much as 66% the average healing rate for the condition in question.  Its use is safe, provokes no pain, uses no drugs, and presents no side effects.

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