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In addition, there are more than 2000 studies and clinical trials that show the effectiveness of PEMF treatment for a wide range of conditions available at:

* Bone Growth Stimulation

* Anxiety and Depression

* Urinary Incontinence

* Brain Tumor

* Anti-Aging

* Detoxify the Body

* Stress

​* Nerve Regeneration

​* Depression

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PEMF accelerates healing.  It accomplishes this by stimulating the body to regenerate its cell and modulate their function to speed up its natural process of recovery.  As a result, this therapy reduces recovery time by as much as 66% the average healing rate for the condition in question.  Its use is safe, provokes no pain, uses no drugs, and presents no side effects.

has approved the use of PEMF therapy for various conditions, including:


* Facial Paralysis

* Multiple Sclerosis

* Parkinson's Disease

* Fibroids

* Cancer

* Post-Surgical Healing

​* Accelerate Wound Healing

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*Athletes, rapid recovery

* High Blood Pressuer

* Diabetic Foot

* Varicose Veins

* Arrhythmias

* Female Infertility

* Fibroids

* Arthritis

PEMF - Pulsed Energy Magnetic Field therapy

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