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---Neck and Arm Pain

I LOVE DR. DANNY! I had pain in my arm from something going on in my neck, no doctor for the last 2.5 years had been able to help me, oh, i got drugs, i got it will go away eventually!, yeah right! so my friend recommended Dr. Danny and i called him crying from the pain and he saw me on his day off even!! He told me i was suffering from something called TOS, thoracic outlet syndrome, and proceeded to fix it, and when i say fix it, i mean FIX it, its gone, not just ok for now, but gone!! i don't have to see him 2 to 4 times a week like every other chiropractor i've EVER seen! this man is wonderful, nice, knowledgeable and reasonable too!! i mean really, not convinced yet?? please, go see him if you have ANY pain, he will fix it or help you get the right help you need! oh and did i tell you, he does acupuncture too!!! OMG!! PERFECT!
---Denise P.

Dr Danny Lai, DC, LAc.

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