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Foot Pain

Dr. Danny Lai, is one of the best Acupuncturist that I have ever seen. My wife has a Morton Nuroma and planter fascitis, she went to many different Doctors including 4 different podiatrist and took 3 cortisone shots for planter fascitis and 2 shots for Morton Nuroma but that didn't help a bit. My cousin told me to try acupuncture and i started reading a review and decided to bring my wife to see Dr. Danny Lai and it was like a miracle in very first treatment she felt so much relief from pain that even she could not believe. It seems like Dr. Danny Lai have a magic hand. she took few more treatment and she don't have a foot pain any more. I am very happy and glad that I found Dr.Lai. Thanks Dr. Lai, we really appreciate your help and effort in making my wife's life better.

Mahesh Desai

Foot Pain

My entire family and extended family has been seeing Dr. Lai for several years. I came to Dr. Lai with a foot problem what they call Plantar fascitis. I had been seeing a foot doctor for months and with him telling me I need surgery to correct the issue I had done some research on this and was not convinced this was the course of action. A dear friend invited me to one of Dr. Lai's orientations at his office so I went in my removable walking cast. When Dr. Lai had a few minutes he walked over to me and says whats wrong I told him and he shook his head and says want to try something. I said sure he asked me to remove my cast and walk across his office and I did so with a limp and pain in my foot. He then asked me to sit down where he placed only 2 acupuncture needles into my left hand and then asked for me to walk across the floor which I did and their was no pain in my foot. I began to tear up and couldn't believe it. Here I had been in extreme pain like a knife into the heel for over 8 months and this doctor places 2 needles and the pain was gone. Needless to say I booked my next appointment and saw him a total of 7 visits and to this date have not had a single pain return and NO SURGERY! Amazing and I thank you Dr. Lai for this.

Kim S