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I was having low back pain for about two weeks, not sure what caused it, but I went to get a massage and that did not fix it . I was so desperate for the pain to go away and decided to try going to a chiropractor. I saw this particular chiropractor place had a $29 special for first time customers, so I gave it a try. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little nervous but was hoping this would relieve my pain ..so I meet the chiropractor, he's very nice but strange, he asked me questions and then started the adjustments. When he was finished, I felt okay but still had some pain, but I thought well maybe it would take a few days to feel better .. The next morning I woke up with terrible back spasms, it felt like a Charlie horse but in your back, they would come if I stepped or turned wrong or Just sitting, walking or standing . I went to my Doctor and they said it's probably sciatic pain and that could take 4-8 weeks to heal. She ordered an x-ray which came back normal and gave me a script for a muscle relaxer.. X-ray was normal and I had to take 3 days off of work ..well the pain and muscle spasms continued for two weeks .. I'm a nurse so I am constantly bending and doing procedures. It affected me driving, I couldn't turn and parallel park, when I would move my foot from gas to brake, a spasm would come .. it also started to affect my walking and then my right hip would hurt .. I knew I was off and I probably needed another adjustment to be fixed. It wasn't this bad before I went to that chiropractor. The thought of seeing another chiropractor scared me. Well yesterday, when I got off of work and no longer could take the pain, I decided to give Dr. Lai a try. He came recommended by two friends .. once I get there,I  had a good feeling, his wife is so nice and the place felt like a cozy home.  Dr. Lai did an assessment on me, immediately knew what the problem was and where my pain was at, he also took time to educate me on some things.(he is pretty funny too) very knowledgeable. He has state of the art adjustment tables, I couldn't bend, but he had this machine that you stand on and it lowers you down (lifesaver)..he did the adjustments and I felt pain relief immediately.. it was so crazy, I wanted to cry because I couldn't pick up my son because I was in so much pain .. it was instant healing . I will never go anywhere else. Don't be fooled because other chiropractors advertise cheap prices, in the long run you pay for it .   Monique W

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